Baylor Grapevine 4th Floor Rehabilitation


In 2016, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center tapped us once again, this time to do an inpatient rehabilitation unit for them. The project involved the renovation and conversion of the existing 4th floor MedSurg suite.

For the existing hospital inpatient rooms that would remain as inpatient beds, this renovation consisted of expanding the restrooms to meet TDSHS and ADA requirements. We redid the other existing hospital rooms to create a physical rehabilitation gymnasium, a therapy kitchen and laundry room, speech therapy office, conference room, multipurpose room, and physical therapist office that overlooks the gymnasium.

For the remainder of the space, we provided some cosmetic renovations to the existing offices, nurses station, corridors and other support spaces to create cohesion. The result was a unified space thoughtfully designed and dedicated to the specific needs that the rehabilitation process requires.