Baylor Regional Medical Center at Garland appointed th+a to design the renovation and expansion of its Emergency Department. The project was unique as all work had to occur while the department, as the third-busiest ED in the system, remained in full operation.

Additionally, the design and construction had to be mindful of a facility in place for 60 years. The facility now accommodates three radiology rooms, one trauma room with seven critical care treatment rooms, a new triage unit, and 18 treatment rooms.

By exploring the facility's infrastructure and layout as well as its staffing and operational processes, the team formulated a solution to optimize the available square footage while providing a faster, more efficient model of emergency care delivery.

Thorough due diligence clarified the building's condition and established immediate requirements, and a needs assessment focused on the patient care process and highlighted the demand for additional examination and imaging rooms.

Using that knowledge, the team designed a space oriented toward parallel processes which allocate resources to the most critical cases, allow for immediate patient care and greatly reduce wait times.

The team designed an eight-room rapid medical screening area as an alternative to the traditional triage process. The areas allow doctors to directly assess patient needs and direct the appropriate level of care, varying from immediate critical care to direct discharge. To streamline patient flow and alleviate crowded waiting areas, the team crafted a sub-waiting room at the center of the department. The space provides a calming environment for patients awaiting test results, and leaves beds available for more critical patients.