Blaik Ritchie


With more than 20 years of experience, Blaik's approach to design and project management is finely crafted for discovering and delivering ideal design solutions for clients. The extent of his knowledge makes him as comfortable designing and rendering as he is overseeing the construction process.

His experience spans a wide spectrum, from civic building renovations to sky-scraping luxury residential concepts. In order to truly meet the client's expectations and goals, Blaik advocates for designing with function in mind.

Responsive and client-focused, Blaik is an exceptionally effective champion of a project's vision from conception to completion. People who work with Blaik consistently praise his strong communication skills and ability to facilitate the project process.

Blaik's expertise as a project manager makes him a considerable asset to our clients. From the time a project begins through its completion, it's common for unanticipated challenges to emerge. Clients who work with Blaik benefit from his knowledge and strategic, logical approach to minimize and often avoid the detrimental impacts of issues that threaten a project's progress.