about us

agile by design

th+a's intelligent design process begins internally

We start by building a strong and balanced team, guided by highly involved leadership and driven by creativity, critical thought and collaboration. Then we provide tools such as the th+a Project Process to ensure that work is consistently completed to a high standard of quality. Finally, we hone our efficiency through constant evaluation and improvement of our standards and processes.

The benefit to our clients? A team which provides agility, consistency and quality in design.

core values

icon we are devoted Our professionals invest great effort, knowledge and technical expertise into our work, and thrive on opportunities for meaningful contributions. For our clients, our firm, our profession and our community, we empower each employee to deliver extraordinary value.

icon we are collaborative Successful projects occur when a client's true vision is paired with inspired solutions. Experience has taught us that the key to that achievement lies in a truly collaborative project approach.

This open participation enables a greater understanding of the project drivers, and provides a platform for capturing first-hand knowledge and unarticulated needs. Our team's varied perspectives and depth of experience then allows for constructive exploration, robust problem solving, and the most accurate execution of expectations.

icon we cultivate improvement Innovation is an essential aspect of our profession and an important component of our firm's success. We always explore opportunities to enhance our value. From internal communication tools to clever design, we believe that excellence is achieved through small improvements made each day.

icon we are advisors Our clients trust us to make the most of their financial, physical and human capital, and to pair their vision with rigorous research, insightful techniques and sustainable opportunities. This responsibility demands a thorough understanding of each client's mission and business case, and the ability to synthesize that knowledge into highly effective programs and environments.

As advisors our fundamental strength lies in our hands-on leadership approach, which ensures that each project benefits from the direct infusion of experience, knowledge and strong guidance.

our philosophy

“Successful projects occur when a client’s true vision is paired with inspired solutions.”

our history

Our Beginnings

Since our establishment in 1998, th+a has been dedicated to building relationships based on quality and trust. We see our evolution and growth as a testament of this foundation.Never believing in garnishing our firm with the immediate acquisition of an entire expertise or department, we have always applied a grassroots method to our growth.

Our measurement of growth is chronological and based on the cycles of our industry. The ebb and flow of this cycle balances the opportunities for patient and deliberate advancement of our practice with those times that allow for development.

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Early Years

In our early years, our firm was eager to compete in the marketplace, and to find ourselves working on projects that were our own. Discretion of project type was not a priority. Rather, we sought opportunities to exhibit our influence.

From day one, we have been environmentally conscious and focused on the influence that we as architects have on the built environment. The dot-com bust at the onset of the new millennium tested our fortitude as a firm as its economic implications trickled through our industry. Historically, we have found these times to be an opportunity for self-evaluation and the implementation of process change in our constant efforts to improve.

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Creating a Focus

Our next phase allowed the firm to put innovation into motion as we began to focus on our healthcare and educational opportunities to complement the other opportunities presented to our firm. We continued to exhibit our abilities in both acute and non-acute healthcare endeavors as well as in early childhood development and K-12 growth.

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Smart Growth

It has always been our philosophy that our clients suffer when we overextend ourselves in the number of projects we accept. While growth is important, it is more expedient and prudent to maintain constant and steady growth rather than rapid uncontrollable growth. This has proven beneficial to our employees and their security as well as to our reputation as a professional services firm and an established presence in the community. The recent economic crisis, while lengthy, allowed our firm another opportunity for alignment and growth. With the acquisition of a complementary firm early in the cycle and the expansion of our projects into the national arena, we find ourselves leaving our adolescence behind and entering this next cycle as a mature and well-grounded firm with strong expertise in our target markets of early childhood development, education, and healthcare.

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Our Declarations

We know two declarations to be true:

Our potential clients are reserved in their architectural firm selections and generally commission firms with deep portfolios and a long tenure.

Our current clients are confident that they are working with a dedicated team of experts who will make the most of their financial, physical and human capital, and will pair their vision with rigorous research, insightful techniques and sustainable opportunities.

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